Check Out Some of My Works

Here is a selection of websites, web applications and print designs crafted during my professional career as web designer and web developer.
Alameda Turquesa 2023 Website A Favorita do Bolhão Website Super Riders 2023 Print Africando Website AutoSueco - Oitentaecinco AutoSueco Website Novalogica Website Shift Consulting - Oitentaecinco Shift Consulting Website Mundo Segundo - Oitentaecinco Mundo Segundo Website Winner WordPress Theme - Oitentaecinco Winner WordPress Theme Theme Dealema - Oitentaecinco Dealema Website Alameda Turquesa - Oitentaecinco Alameda Turquesa Website Siza Baroque Website Dealema - Oitentaecinco Dealema - Pérola Negra Print MyWishlist - Oitentaecinco MyWishlist Website Quinta do Sonho Website Landescape - Oitentaecinco Landescape 2022 Website People · Symington Website Travel Agency - Oitentaecinco Travel Agency Theme Kings and Crooks - Oitentaecinco Kings & Crooks Website HolOn - Oitentaecinco Holon Pharmacies Website Anima Durius - Oitentaecinco Ânima Durius Website Nors SA - Oitentaecinco Nors S.A. Website Barbeau - Oitentaecinco Barbeau Website Grupo Near - Oitentaecinco Near Group Website Officinalis - Oitentaecinco Officinalis Website Filsurf - Oitentaecinco Filsurf Website FairJourney Biologics - Oitentaecinco Fair Journey Biologics Website Joana Moreira - Oitentaecinco Joana Moreira Website Catarina Calamote - Oitentaecinco Catarina Calamote Website We Nors Awards - Oitentaecinco WeNors Awards Website Bôman - Oitentaecinco Bôman - Barber Shop Website BodyStation - Oitentaecinco BodyStation Gym Website Health & Training - Oitentaecinco Health & Training Website Circo de Ideias - Oitentaecinco Circo de Ideias Website Super Riders - Oitentaecinco Super Riders 2022 Print Lupulex - Oitentaecinco Lupulex Guesthouse Website BBme - Oitentaecinco BBme Website A. Montesinho - Oitentaecinco A. Montesinho Website Brigantia EcoPark - Oitentaecinco Brigantia EcoPark Website Ellefect - Oitentaecinco Ellefect Website Fábio Vieira - Oitentaecinco Fábio Vieira Physiotherapist Print Landescape - Oitentaecinco Landescape Website Invicta WordPress Theme - Oitentaecinco Invicta WordPress Theme Theme Berna - Oitentaecinco Berna - Reflexologia Print Maze - Oitentaecinco Maze Website Mixtape 2º Piso 15 anos - Oitentaecinco Mixtape 2º Piso 15 Anos Print Super Riders - Oitentaecinco Super Riders 2021 Print JTM SA - Oitentaecinco JTM SA Website Mixtape Mundo Segundo Vol. 1 - Oitentaecinco Mixtape Mundo Segundo Vol. 1 Print Portal Terra Fria - Oitentaecinco Portal Terra Fria Website Pedro Tavares - Oitentaecinco Pedro Tavares Print Building Views - Oitentaecinco Building Views Website Trenmo - Oitentaecinco Trenmo Website Lionesa Futsal - Oitentaecinco Lionesa Futsal Certificate Print Chapter 2 WordPress Theme - Oitentaecinco Chapter 2 WordPress Theme Theme Fábio Vieira - Oitentaecinco Fábio Vieira Physio Print Corte Latino - Oitentaecinco Corte Latino Website SML - Oitentaecinco Silvino Lindo Ibérica Lda Website AE ISEP - Oitentaecinco 150 Anos Futsal aeISEP Print 4 Challenge - Oitentaecinco 4 Challenge Studio Print Chapter Two - Oitentaecinco Chapter 1 WordPress Theme Theme Sandra de Sousa Alves Real Estate Agent - Oitentaecinco Sandra de Sousa Alves Print Limousines Coval - Oitentaecinco Limousines Coval Website